Who Are the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona…

In 1997, a group of six Tucson, Arizona artists got together to form a collage group which became a part of the National Collage Society. The objectives of the group were to share ideas, network with other artists and groups, exhibit a fine-arts collage show once or twice a year locally, participate in the National Collage Society’s shows, and to promote collage as a fine art. The group adopted as their name The Collage Association of Southern Arizona or CASA.

In 2006, the group which now numbered around 140 members, voted to change the name of the organization to The Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona, retaining the acronym CASA, in order to better reflect the scope of the work in which its members are involved. The purpose of the organization is the development and advancement of mixed media art forms.The word collage is from the French word collar meaning “to glue.” This art form is a process of pasting papers, fabrics and similar materials onto a surface to create new images. Such understatements are arranged to produce a composition that expresses symbolic meanings or emotional effects.

The organization has a strong educational focus. Monthly meetings include demonstrations and presentations by artists working in all areas of interest to the group. Three-day workshops are offered twice a year, featuring nationally-known mixed media artists. Three-hour mini-workshops are offered after most meeting dates. Several exhibits are sponsored by the organization yearly, usually in the winter and spring months.

CASA 2020-2021 Board Members and Chairpersons:

 President – Beth Valenzuela
  Vice President -Open
Secretary – Teri Garner
Treasurer – Marlette Saul
Membership – Diane Haug
Membership name tags – 
Programs and Mini-Workshops – Nancy Norton and Melissa Johnson
Major Workshops – Sally Meese and Lorrie Parsell
Program Tech – Open
Exhibit Chairpersons – Nancy Drigotas and Michelle Batchelder
E-Blasts – Ann Loud
Facebook – Diane Haug
Publicity – Open
Signature Status: Patti Lewis
Agave Signature Status: Frani Bopp
Youth On Their Own – Open
Web Administrator – Open

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