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“Shelter” 2020 Virtual Show


 Members juried into the the “Shelter” 2020 Virtual Show

Michele Batchfelder (2), Gretchen Bierbaum, Judy Bjorling (2), Frani Bopp (2), Eulalie Brown (2), Sandra Burke, Jo Ann Daly (2), Nikki Dilbeck (2), Fran Dorr (2), Nancy Drigotas (2), Carolyn Grisham (2), Harrie Handler (2), Judith Kohn (2), Ann Loud (2), Denise Mathot, Fran McNeely (2), Nancy Norton (2), Lorrie Parsell (2), Susan Redeker (2), Susan Reynolds (2), Laur Rose (2), Peg Ruben (2), Karen Samson (2), Martina Skobic (2), Marion Sommers (2), Naomi Spitzer (2), Beth Valenzuela, Paula Weech (2), Marti White (2)


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“Shelter” 2020 Show

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